So the other day, I was thinking about the upcoming Thanksgiving weekend and how very much we all have to be thankful for in Canada this year.

Peru this past summer was beautiful. The scenery was breathtaking – absolutely fantastic. We splurged and spared no expense to do all the top tourist day trips and pamper ourselves with luxury whenever possible. Getting home was a shock to my system and it took me the whole month of August to recuperate and get used to life in Richmond Hill, Ontario once again. Then came September, which was even more of a kicker, back to school, means back to work!

So as October approaches and Thanksgiving comes closer, I thought I remember the things I was thankful for in Peru, as well as what I am thankful for here, in my regular life, in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Things I was most thankful for in Peru

-majestic mountains

-friends who encouraged me and had patience while hiking and climbing ancient ruins

-Extra Strength Tylenol

-cacao tea

-puffy white clouds and cerulean blue skies

-deep blue water

-rock formations

-penguins and sea lions

-baby Alpaca hats and sweaters

-dune buggy rides in the desert

-cats in Kennedy Park, Lima

-five star hotels with heated tiles

-business class flights

-luxurious train rides with live music

-taxi drivers who know how to drive

-not having to go grocery shopping

-a nice, juicy steak dinner

Things I am most thankful for in Ontario

-toilet paper/clean toilet seats

-family and friends who are loving and kind

-having a job where I can teach and inspire others


-sleeping in

-English Breakfast tea

-a pool right downstairs in my condo to keep fit

-gradual changing of the seasons with colourful leaves

-coconut milk, gluten free products, veggie pasta

-a nice, juicy steak dinner

-that Trump is not our leader in Canada

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