Artwork of an Emerging Artist That Represents Self-Love

Artworks of an Emerging Artist That Represents Self-Love

Artworks of an Emerging Artist That Represents Self-Love

Joanne Epworth aka. Giovanna

After losing my hair to the autoimmune disorder called Alopecia, I transformed my condo into a working art studio and gallery. Inspired by nature, travel abroad and my own personal journey, I have redefined my own sense of beauty in the face of societal norms. A powerful new identity has come forth: that which I call “Giovanna”. She emerges within my soul and represents a healing and creative spirit that radiates bold personal power, authenticity and self-love.

Finding this inner peace, joy and expression of an authentic self, motivates me to share my personal journey through my unique and colourfully bold “Symphony of Scarves” series. These Mixed Media pieces are close to my heart because they incorporate the scarves that I have worn in my daily life that have become so much a part of me. Through this series, I passionately express a message that no matter what society teaches, the true beauty of a person has nothing to do with physical appearance; it comes from within. This series has expanded and grown into “Scrunchie Girls” series as well as other portraits, fairy or otherwise where the hair is abstracted in Z-Tangle style.

My exciting Acrylic series “Flowing Colours” was inspired by my Summer 2016 travels to Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada. These pieces are different and special to me for one reason: the colours flow with the grain of the wood. This keeps me in tune with the natural world and encourages a deeper connection to myself and the Universe.

My artwork is intuitive and passionately created in the energy of the moment rather than planned ahead of time. I let go of the rigid expectations of the outside world. Creating from my heart, not knowing where it will lead, is very empowering. I feel that this is what my soul demands and deserves. Radiant healing energy from within me inspires me. I hope to shine my light brightly enough that you too may search for authentic beauty in yourself and the world. I encourage you to look deeply into the paintings and come to your own interpretation from within your own heart and soul. My goal is to infuse you with my “Giovanna” spirit and to get you to not just look, but to learn to SEE beyond the surface. There is beauty within.


I am a self-taught artist who has been passionately taking various art courses and workshops. I have experimented with different techniques and media for approximately ten years. I have participated in many different art shows, including ones in France, Italy and in the Toronto area. You won’t find anything else like an original Giovanna!!